Source code for discohook.guild

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict, List, Optional

from .channel import Channel
from .emoji import PartialEmoji
from .enums import ChannelType
from .permission import Permission
from .role import Role
from .member import Member
from .utils import unwrap_user

    from .client import Client

[docs]class PartialGuild: """ Represents a partial guild. """ def __init__(self, client: "Client", guild_id: str): = guild_id self.client = client
[docs] async def fetch_member(self, user_id: str) -> Optional[Member]: """ Fetches a member from the guild. Parameters ---------- user_id: :class:`str` The id of the user to fetch. Returns ------- Optional[:class:`Member`] """ resp = await self.client.http.fetch_guild_member(, user_id) data = await resp.json() if not data.get("user"): return return Member(self.client, unwrap_user(data,
[docs] async def fetch_channels(self) -> List[Channel]: """ Fetches all channels in the guild. Returns ------- List[Channel] """ resp = await self.client.http.fetch_guild_channels( data = await resp.json() return [Channel(self.client, c) for c in data]
[docs] async def fetch_roles(self) -> List[Role]: """ Fetches all roles in the guild. Returns ------- List[Role] """ resp = await self.client.http.fetch_guild_roles( data = await resp.json() return [Role(self.client, r) for r in data]
# noinspection PyShadowingBuiltins
[docs] async def create_channel( self, name: str, *, type: ChannelType = ChannelType.guild_text, topic: Optional[str] = None, bitrate: Optional[int] = None, user_limit: Optional[int] = None, rate_limit_per_user: Optional[int] = None, position: Optional[int] = None, permission_overwrites: Optional[List[Dict[str, Any]]] = None, parent_id: Optional[str] = None, nsfw: Optional[bool] = None, rtc_region: Optional[str] = None, video_quality_mode: Optional[int] = None, default_auto_archive_duration: Optional[int] = None, default_reaction_emoji: Optional[PartialEmoji] = None, available_tags: Optional[List[Dict[str, Any]]] = None, default_sort_order: Optional[int] = None, ) -> Channel: """ Creates a channel in the guild. Requires the MANAGE_CHANNELS permission. Parameters ---------- name: str Name of the channel (2-100 characters) type: ChannelType The type of channel topic: str Channel topic (0-1024 characters) bitrate: int The bitrate (in bits) of the voice channel (voice only) user_limit: int The user limit of the voice channel (voice only) rate_limit_per_user: int Amount of seconds a user has to wait before sending another message (0-21600) bots, as well as users with the permission manage_messages or manage_channel, are unaffected position: int Sorting position of the channel permission_overwrites: List[Dict[str, Any]] The channel's permission overwrites parent_id: str The id of the parent category for a channel (each parent category can contain up to 50 channels) nsfw: bool Whether the channel is nsfw rtc_region: str The id of the voice region video_quality_mode: int The camera video quality mode of the voice channel, 1 when not present default_auto_archive_duration: int The default duration for newly created threads, in minutes, to automatically archive the thread after recent activity, can be set to: 60, 1440, 4320, 10080 default_reaction_emoji: PartialEmoji The default auto-emoji for newly created threads, custom guild emojis must be enabled available_tags: List[Dict[str, Any]] The channel tags used for public guilds default_sort_order: int The default sorting order for posts in a forum channel Returns ------- :class:`Channel` """ payload = {"name": name, "type": type.value} if topic: payload["topic"] = topic if bitrate: payload["bitrate"] = bitrate if user_limit: payload["user_limit"] = user_limit if rate_limit_per_user: payload["rate_limit_per_user"] = rate_limit_per_user if position: payload["position"] = position if permission_overwrites: payload["permission_overwrites"] = permission_overwrites if parent_id: payload["parent_id"] = parent_id if nsfw: payload["nsfw"] = nsfw if rtc_region: payload["rtc_region"] = rtc_region if video_quality_mode: payload["video_quality_mode"] = video_quality_mode if default_auto_archive_duration: payload["default_auto_archive_duration"] = default_auto_archive_duration if default_reaction_emoji: payload["default_reaction_emoji"] = default_reaction_emoji if available_tags: payload["available_tags"] = available_tags if default_sort_order: payload["default_sort_order"] = default_sort_order resp = await self.client.http.create_guild_channel(, payload) data = await resp.json() return Channel(self.client, data)
[docs] async def edit_channel_position( self, channel_id: str, *, position: int, lock_permissions: bool = False, parent_id: Optional[str] = None, ): """ Changes the position of the channel. Only available for guild channels. Parameters ---------- channel_id: :class:`str` The id of the channel to move. position: :class:`int` The new position of the channel. lock_permissions: Whether to sync the permissions of the channel with the parent category. parent_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The id of the parent category to move the channel to. If not provided, the channel will be moved to the root. """ payload = {"id": channel_id, "position": position, "lock_permissions": lock_permissions} if parent_id: payload["parent_id"] = parent_id await self.client.http.edit_guild_channel_position(, payload)
async def create_role( self, name: str, *, permissions: Optional[List[Permission]] = None, color: int = 0, hoist: bool = False, mentionable: Optional[bool] = False, icon_data_uri: Optional[str] = None, unicode_emoji: Optional[str] = None, ): payload = {"name": name} base_permissions = 0 if permissions: for permission in permissions: base_permissions |= permission.value payload["permissions"] = base_permissions if color: payload["color"] = color if hoist: payload["hoist"] = hoist if mentionable: payload["mentionable"] = mentionable if icon_data_uri: payload["icon"] = icon_data_uri if unicode_emoji: payload["unicode_emoji"] = unicode_emoji resp = await self.client.http.create_guild_role(, payload) data = await resp.json() return Role(self.client, data)
[docs] async def create_emoji(self, name: str, image: str, *, roles: Optional[List[str]] = None): """ Creates a new emoji for the guild. Parameters ---------- name: :class:`str` The name of the emoji. image: :class:`str` The image data of the emoji in base64 data uri format. roles: Optional[List[:class:`str`]] A list of role ids to limit the emoji to. Returns ------- :class:`Emoji` """ payload = {"name": name, "image": image} if roles: payload["roles"] = roles resp = await self.client.http.create_guild_emoji(, payload) return await resp.json()
[docs]class Guild(PartialGuild): """ Represents a Discord guild. Subclass of :class:`PartialGuild`. Attributes ---------- id: :class:`str` The id of the guild. name: :class:`str` The name of the guild. icon: Optional[:class:`str`] The icon hash of the guild. icon_hash: Optional[:class:`str`] The icon hash of the guild. splash: Optional[:class:`str`] The splash hash of the guild. discovery_splash: Optional[:class:`str`] The discovery splash hash of the guild. owner: Optional[:class:`bool`] Whether the user is the owner of the guild. owner_id: :class:`str` The id of the owner of the guild. permissions: Optional[:class:`int`] The total permissions of the user in the guild (does not include channel overrides). afk_channel_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The id of the afk channel. afk_timeout: :class:`int` The afk timeout in seconds. widget_enabled: Optional[:class:`bool`] Whether the widget is enabled. widget_channel_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The id of the channel for the widget. verification_level: :class:`int` The verification level required for the guild. default_message_notifications: :class:`int` The default message notifications level. explicit_content_filter: :class:`int` The explicit content filter level. roles: List[:class:`Role`] The roles in the guild. emojis: List[:class:`Emoji`] The emojis in the guild. features: List[:class:`str`] The features of the guild. mfa_level: :class:`int` The mfa level required for the guild. application_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The application id of the guild creator if it is bot-created. system_channel_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The id of the system channel. system_channel_flags: :class:`int` The system channel flags. rules_channel_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The id of the rules channel. max_presences: Optional[:class:`int`] The maximum number of presences for the guild. max_members: :class:`int` The maximum number of members for the guild. vanity_url_code: Optional[:class:`str`] The vanity url code of the guild. description: Optional[:class:`str`] The description of the guild. banner: Optional[:class:`str`] The banner hash of the guild. premium_tier: :class:`int` The premium tier of the guild. premium_subscription_count: :class:`int` The number of boosts of the guild. preferred_locale: :class:`str` The preferred locale of the guild. public_updates_channel_id: Optional[:class:`str`] The id of the public updates channel. max_video_channel_users: Optional[:class:`int`] The maximum number of users in a video channel. approximate_member_count: Optional[:class:`int`] The approximate number of members in the guild. approximate_presence_count: Optional[:class:`int`] The approximate number of presences in the guild. welcome_screen: Optional[:class:`dict`] The welcome screen object of the guild. nsfw_level: :class:`int` The nsfw level of the guild. stickers: List[:class:`Sticker`] The stickers in the guild. premium_progress_bar_enabled: Optional[:class:`bool`] Whether the premium progress bar is enabled. """ def __init__(self, client: "Client", data: Dict[str, Any]): super().__init__(client, data["id"]) = data["name"] self.icon = data.get("icon") self.icon_hash = data.get("icon_hash") self.splash = data.get("splash") self.discovery_splash = data.get("discovery_splash") self.owner = data.get("owner") self.owner_id = data["owner_id"] self.permissions = data.get("permissions") self.afk_channel_id = data.get("afk_channel_id") self.afk_timeout = data["afk_timeout"] self.widget_enabled = data.get("widget_enabled") self.widget_channel_id = data.get("widget_channel_id") self.verification_level = data["verification_level"] self.default_message_notifications = data["default_message_notifications"] self.explicit_content_filter = data["explicit_content_filter"] self.roles = data["roles"] self.emojis = data["emojis"] self.features = data["features"] self.mfa_level = data["mfa_level"] self.application_id = data.get("application_id") self.system_channel_id = data.get("system_channel_id") self.system_channel_flags = data["system_channel_flags"] self.rules_channel_id = data.get("rules_channel_id") self.max_presences = data.get("max_presences") self.max_members = data.get("max_members") self.vanity_url_code = data.get("vanity_url_code") self.description = data.get("description") self.banner = data.get("banner") self.premium_tier = data["premium_tier"] self.premium_subscription_count = data.get("premium_subscription_count") self.preferred_locale = data["preferred_locale"] self.public_updates_channel_id = data.get("public_updates_channel_id") self.max_video_channel_users = data.get("max_video_channel_users") self.approximate_member_count = data.get("approximate_member_count") self.approximate_presence_count = data.get("approximate_presence_count") self.welcome_screen = data.get("welcome_screen") self.nsfw_level = data["nsfw_level"] self.stickers = data.get("stickers") self.premium_progress_bar_enabled = data["premium_progress_bar_enabled"]